Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jack Nicholson's brief commercial for Hilary Clinton

Until the very end, where Jack Nicholson himself comes on screen and says he approves this message, I thought this was some spoof commercial. It features clips of him in various movies talking about what is needed in a President.

But, it's all fluff, and I don't really see where it can help Hilary, and frankly with his psychotic Joker as the lead-in, I would think it would only hurt.

It is unfortunate on one hand. Hilary Clinton is not losing this election because "feminism is dead" as Rush Limbaugh has taken to saying, but because she's just not a likeable woman and is hardly a feminist, considering that she rode to power on the coat-tails of her cheating husband. She's got a lousy speaking voice - but so does McCain. And at least she's more articulate than George Bush... I won't vote for her, simply because I don't like the socialism that she - and Barack Obama, want to enlarge in this country. And unfortunately - McCain will take us down the same path. This is a lose-lose election this year...

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