Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is Obama responsible for the statements of his pastor?

I visited a few mintutes ago, and read some posts on his message board I wanted to respond to, but for some reason my registration didn't go through, so I'll say them here.

Forget the statements for the moment. What's the aftermath?

1. A few days ago Obama denied categorically that he'd ever heard his pastor say those inflammatory remarks.

2. In his speech yesterday, he said, "Yes, of course I heard them."

So he was lying when he said he hadn't. It's that lying that is the key. Typical politician?

3. "Why is this just coming out now?" is the demand.

That is a good question. Hannity had an interview with the Rev Wright last year, had been talking about Obama's pastor and his comments for the last several weeks, yet no comments are made by the mainstream media until now?

4. I've read a few comments about Barack's church (I've visited the site and haven't been able to find where this is said), where it tells its members NOT to become middle-class. To stay on welfare, then? And let us not forget the wealthy Michele Obama telling some poor black women in some speech not to go to college, not to become an investment banker or anything like that, because they'd just have to spend all of their lives paying back their student loans!

What kind of person -what kind of wealthy person - advises poor people to want to stay poor?????

5. The statements themselves. Those folks on Hannity are saying, "Should Catholics be held responsible for the sexual crimes of their priests? My answer - if they knew about them and looked the other way.... yes!

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