Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Give him a swirly!

Just tuned in Rush Limbaugh today, and he is laughing so gleefully - and so fakedly (is that a word?) that I'd really like to escort him into a bathroom, and give him a swirly - in a clean toilet of course.

The American political process is in disarray, and it has been for some years. Convicted criminals are elected to political office...or once they've been elected they're convicted of something - and don't lose their jobs. If they do lose their jobs, a year or two is allowed to pass to allow things to die down, then they're given a sinecure somewhere.

However much of a laughing stock we were before, it's getting worse now. We've got three Democrats running for President (McCain isn't a Republican, for all that he go the nomination...) we've got newspapers building up politicians just to break them down...

On the other hand, some loon named Weingarten has just made a fool of himself. Limbaugh has just played a clip of Weingarten saying that Limbaugh pronounces "Obama" in his weird way because he's trying to pronounce it a black way, a racist way. Well, obviously Weingarten doesn't listen to his program because Limbaugh uses that "orotund way" to pronounce various words, including God (another reason why I'd like to give him a swirly - he's so arrogant.) "Talent on loan from Go-od."

Anyway, whatever happens, one hopes - (I would have said, I'm sure, but I'm not sure anymore) - that the two political parties fix their procedures so that "cross over" voting is not possible anymore.

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