Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Give Hannity a swirly too...

Well, Hannity is playing a new anti-Hillary "bit" - she has lied about her trip to Bosnia in 1995, saying she'd been under sniper fire when she hadn't been. So he's playing those words...fair enough - but in the background is Helen Reddy's "I am woman" song - seems to me he's getting in a subtle blow at feminists.

I haven't heard Hannity owning up to the fact that early in his career he used to give a platform to the psychotic white supremacist Harold "Hal" Turner.

And he's another one like Limbaugh who likes to get in that fake laughter when he's ridiculing someone.

Anyway, apparently some general who is Obama's military adviser - Merrill "Tony" McPeak - has angered some Jewish organization, and they want him removed. I dont' know anything about McPeak or what he said, except what Hannity has just read, but it didn't seem that bad to me.

The problem is simple. You can't criticize blacks without being called a racist. You can't criticize Israel without being called an anti-Semite. So they pretty much get to do whatever they want to do.

And don't take the above paragraph as me being an "anti-Semite" please! One can be anti-Israel without being anti-Semite. Not that I'm particularly anti-Israel. Obviously, if some terrorists are sending rockets into your country, you have to respond - and if those cowards hide behind women and children - well, it's them who should be castigated for that, not the soldiers who are trying to kill those cowards.

But the whole situation in the Middle East is just a mess, and the fact that it's taking place on what is still called "the Holy Land" is just obscene.

I ain't against Jews, I ain't against Muslims, I ain't against Christians. I'm against 'em all. The only way to bring sanity to this planet is for everyone to embrace atheism.

I mean, really. What kind of God do these people worship, that would countenance Protestants killing Catholics and vice versa, Sunnis killing Shiites and vice versa, and Jews being killed by everybody else.

Jews are God's chosen people and he allows them to suffer for thousands of years up to and including the Holocaust?

Blacks are God's chosen people and he allows them to suffer in hundreds of years of slavery and the "long night of racism"

What kind of God allows these things to happen to his "chosen" people?

What kind of God allows diseases such as Alzheimer's, muscular dystophry, multiple sclerosis, cancers of various kinds, etc?

I could go on and on... all I can say is... if there is a God, if God as envisioned by Chrisitans or Muslims or even Jews really did exist, I'd refuse to worship "Him" because he's obviously a psycho who enjoys watching people suffer. There's no other explanation for what has been going on in this world since the dawn of time. God made man in his image, right - and that includes the psychoticness...

Well, bit of a rant but I'm not in a good mood right now.

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