Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obama - the Dan Quayle of today's generation, with a difference

Dan Quayle was ridiculed out of the Presidential race because he spelled potato wrong... yet Obama continually makes foolish statements and he's still in the race for the Presidency.

Obama believes that if everyone inflated their tires and had regular tuneups, they would "save" as much gas as could be drilled out of American deposits.

Here's the problem with gas.

China has 6 billion people, and they're gradually getting cars. They're going to buy gas for those cars, and where are they going to get it? From countries that hate us. Once China's gas purchasing goes up, the Arabs and Venezuela won't need to sell oil to us to make money.

And once they don't need to sell it to us, they won't.

So our entire economy will grind to a halt.

Then, we'll start drilling on our own resources, you may be sure. And when we start drilling, we'll have to wait 10 years for those benefits, and at the end of those 10 years, we'll be the third world country and China will be in economic charge of the world...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Why are Men (and Women) So Stupid???

The news today is all over John Edwards, who apparently has a mistress and a "love" child.

In one sense, that's not unusual. Tons of men, in particular athletes, have kids out of wedlock because they can't be bothered to wear a condom and think it's the women's role to "protect" herself against getting pregnant, and some women who have sex with wealthy men frankly want to get pregnant so they can make money out of the guy.

But politicians are supposed to be smart, aren't they? Politicians must realize - at least since Bill Clinton - that they are under scrutiny by the press and no quarter will be given (although Democrats seem to get away with things more often than Republicans, when it comes to press coverage.)

Yet politician John Edwards not only had a mistress, he also got her pregnant!

Jesus Christ, male politicians! If you're going to have affairs, don't trust condoms, don't trust the woman and her promises that she uses birth control. Get a vasectomy for God's sake!

Otherwise, you too, eventually, will end up like John Edwards.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Is it the NBA or the NFL? No, it's Congress!

Well, well, well...

I found this quiz on another site and thought I'd share it here. What can I say... it was "in print" so I believed it. The moreso because I don't have a high opinion of politicians.

So I posted it here.... then I decided to go see where it came from to see the corrobative details.

But there are none.

This "quiz" is 10 years old.


have been accused of spousal abuse

have been arrested for fraud

have been accused of writing bad checks

have directly or indirectly
bankrupted at least 2 businesses

have done time for assault


71 cannot
get a credit card due to bad credit

have been arrested on drug-related charges

have been arrested for shoplifting

are defendants in lawsuits, and

have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year

Can you guess which organization this is?

Give up yet? . . Scroll down,

it's the 435 members of the
United States Congress


The point I'm making is that I think most people who see these types of "quizzes" distributed - with no authors name, no dates on them, no links so people can go see the proof for themselves - are all too often believed. It doesn't even occur to people to verify the facts for themselves - whether it be about politicians, or the actors and actresses whose doings so many people are obsessed over...

On the other certainly wouldn't surprise me to find out that a goodly percentage of our 435 members of congress did have some of those charges hanging over them... after all the vast majority of them are lawyers....