Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Finally Does Something Right!

Obama is going to be attacked by a lot of people for a decision he made today.... Obama deserves to be attacked on a lot of issues, but on this one I hope he stands firm:
In a long-expected move, President Barack Obama plans to sign an executive order ending the ban on federal funds for international groups that perform abortions or provide information on the option, officials told The Associated Press on Friday.

Liberal groups welcomed the decision while abortion rights foes criticized the president. Known as the "Mexico City policy," the ban has been reinstated and then reversed by Republican and Democratic presidents since GOP President Ronald Reagan established it in 1984. President Bill Clinton ended the ban in 1993, but President George W. Bush re-instituted it in 2001 as one of his first acts in office.

The policy bans U.S. taxpayer money, usually in the form of U.S. Agency for International Development funds, from going to international family planning groups that either offer abortions or provide information, counseling or referrals about abortion. It is also known as the "global gag rule," because it prohibits taxpayer funding for groups that lobby to legalize abortion or promote it as a family planning method.

I simply don't understand religious people. What's worse, to not be born at all, or to be born and live for a couple of years in total and abject mistery before you die of starvation?

There's a sentence in the bible, I've been told. "The poor are always with you. They were put here to keep us charitable."

Pish, tosh. The reason the poor are always with us, is because people aren't allowed to practice birth control, so when they have a little comfort-giving sex, a baby comes along 9 months later, and since they can't afford that baby, they stay poor, and the US (and other countries that pay out welfare to people who have children they can't afford) stays poor as well.

Yes - the US is a poor country. All our money is an illusion, as this recent banking crisis has only made clear. We are trillions of dollars in debt...if we had to pay those debts we wouldn't be able to do so... but of course we won't be called to pay because the International Monetary Fund does everything on paper...

Anyway, after 3 days I already don't think much of President Obama, but in this one case the guy deserves a medal.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chief Justice Roberts Assists Barack Obama in muffing the oath

It is absolutely incredible to me that Chief Justice Roberts, who administered the oath of office to Barack Obama, screwed up the words. And then Obama, who apparently knew the words but was confused because Roberts was telling him the wrong ones, muffed up, as well.

This is what the United States of America has come to. I always knew all of our politicians were crooks intent on lining their own pockets, but over the course of the last two years it has become clear that they are intent on destroying this country as a Republic, and are intent on installing socialism, to which end they have destroyed our economy.

Come on, people! If you can believe that George Bush would order the Twin Towers to be destroyed so he could declare war on Iraq for oil, is it too much of a stretch to believe that various Democrats, in particular Barney Franks, manipulated our banking system and Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to such an extent that they would fail and have to be bailed out... given money for which they did not have to account (Democrats wrote that bail out bill, then blamed Bush when it didn't include accountability)!

The US is doomed, folk. Doomed. We're going to be turned into a socialist, third world country.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Drunken NY Giant fans trash two cars

Men, with women watching, allow theselves to be videotaped while destroying an SUV and a Porsche. You can actually here one of the guys saying, "This is going on YouTube."

This is not teenagers, these are grown men and women who think that some of their frends will not turn them in for a reward as soon as its seen.

Well, these guys are wastes of air, space and food.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Time For Parents to Sit in Classrooms

In Kansas City, Missouri, an entire class of kids - 65 of them - failed their math test.

The teacher sent a letter to these kids' parents, pointing out that it was their kid's disruptive behavior in class that caused them to fail.

Of course the parents are just real upset about this - if their kids are illiterate or can't do math, it's not their fault for raising scummy kids, it's the school's fault for not being able to shove the info into their little brat's heads by osmosis.

About 65 students were the subject of the scathing letter that offended several parents. They were upset that the letter pointed at student behavior as a reason for widespread failure.

Math teacher Janice Wilson Todd said in the letter, "Unfortunately, behavior in Algebra I and Geometry has been a serious problem and has almost halted the learning process."

She referred to her two algebra classes where every student failed the final and her honors geometry class where only three students earned a passing grade.

Parents were offended their children were being blamed for what they said was a failure on the part of the school.

Here's the thing. Parents have a responsibility to sit down with their kids and help them do their homework, or at least make sure they do their homework.

Of course, if the parents didn't graduate high school themselves, they'll have a hard time helping their kids.

And since teachers aren't allowed to discipline kids anymore, there's nothing the teacher can do to restore order in the classroom.

The only solution, that I can see, is for these parents to sit in the classrooms with their kids, and see just what "disruptive" behavior their kids get up to. And if these parents actually learn a little sumpin sumpin at the same time, it's all good.

Meanwhile, a Christian man is upset because there are Buddhas at the Kansas City Zoo. Since statues of Crosses or Christ aren't allowed on public property, he doesn't think Buddhas should be allowed in the Zoo - in their Asian themed sector.

And, well, gee, one person has complained, in all the years that those Buddhas have been there, and yet the Zoo Board is going to "review" his complaint. And ya just know - those buddhas are going to be removed. Who said one person doesn't have the power to change anything?

One person complains about a book in a library - it's gone. One person complains about a cross in front of a public building, it's gone. One person complains about Buddhas in a zoo and they're gone.

For myself, I'm an atheist, and I could care less. Indeed, I'd much prefer Christian symbols to be left in front of buildings, et al. As a woman, I feel a lot safer living in a Christian country than a Muslim one.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

As long as Prince William is apologizing for offending Muslims...

I wonder if he'll ask them to apologize to the entire civilized world for these actions:

Taliban underlines its growing power with killing of ‘dancing girl’ in Pakistan
Pakistan’s celebrated dancing girls are fleeing in fear of their lives as Taliban militants increase their strength in Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province.

By Dean Nelson and Emal Khan in Mingora
Last Updated: 4:51PM GMT 11 Jan 2009

Taliban kill local dancing girls including Shabana, one of Pakistan’s celebrated dancers. The bullet-ridden body of Shabana left in the centre of Mingora city’s Green Square sent two clear messages to the locals in the Swat Valley’s largest town: ‘unIsla

The bullet-ridden body of Shabana in the centre of Mingora’s Green Square sent two clear messages to the locals in the Swat Valley’s largest town: "un-Islamic vices" will no longer be tolerated, and the Taliban is now effectively in control.

Shabana’s body was found slumped on the ground, strewn with bank notes, CDs of her dance performances and pictures from her photo album. In case anyone had not grasped the message the local Taliban commander Maulana Shah Dauran broadcast a warning on one of its FM radio stations in the valley: his men had killed her and if any other girls were found performing in the city’s Banr Bazaar they would be killed "one by one".

This weekend the last of the bazaar’s dancing girls, many of whom had trained under Shabana’s wing and lived in her house, were seen loading their belongings on to trucks and fleeing to the relative safety of Karachi and Lahore, where their talents remain in great demand.

The banishment marks a key turning point in the battle for the Swat Valley between Taliban militants and the Pakistan Army. It followed recent orders to close down girls’ schools in the valley, shut shops selling music CDs and films, and edicts on barbers to stop shaving beards.

The performances of the dancing girls in Banr Bazaar had been one of the city’s last "vices", but in the narrow street where, until last week, they plied their trade, signs were posted on doors stating: "We have stopped dancing, please do not knock on the door." The street now closes at 8pm and only those who live there can leave or enter.

More than 1,000 girls have now fled, though some who remained told The Daily Telegraph that Shabana had paid the price for publicly defying the Taliban’s radio mullahs and that she had ignored personal warnings to stop the performances and the training of young dancers in her home.

"On the eve of January 2, some men knocked at the door and asked for a dance party," said Shabana’s father Qamar Gul. "She instantly agreed and opened the room and asked the men to wait while she prepared herself." When she returned the four men said: "Let us start." They seized her at gunpoint and told her they were going to slit her throat.

Shabana begged repeatedly while crying for help but they dragged her out of the house, took her to the Green Square and shot her.

Fayaz, a Banr Bazaar resident, said he had now moved to a safer part of the city, and only arranges dance events for selected known clients.

He said dancing could earn about 50,000 rupees (£415) a night, but the business was now finished. The Taliban had denounced the dancing as prostitution, he said, but only 1 per cent of the community was involved.

Farzana, a Banr Bazaar dancer who has moved to Peshawar, said: "We are here for a temporary period. We entertain only selected people and not everyone because we are threatened even in Peshawar. Several of our colleagues have already shifted to Lahore and Karachi, but Banr Street is where we opened our eyes, passed our youth and have acquaintances and fans."

She tearfully broke into verse: "This street, this house, don’t come here again - now I have left the place, so there is no one for you."

Women of the free world: unite and help your sisters under attack via Islam! Because next they will most assuredly be coming for you.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

No Buzz on Jimmy Carter's Habitat For Humanity Homes Falling Down?

A few days ago, a British newspaper reported that a group of people in Florida were suing Habitat for Humanity because their homes were infested with roaches, improperly built, etc. Rush Limbaugh mentioned it on his show - of course he's blaming Jimmy Carter to the hilt for building substandard homes.

What Limbaugh never mentioned is that Habitat for Humanity has professional home builders who inspected every bit of the construction, and who also did the difficult work - like air conditioning and electricty - no he wants to get in his digs at Jimmy Carter.

What Limbaugh never brought to the table was the fact that many other people who live in this development point out that they live in Florida, where houses degrade if you don't take care of them properly, and if you've got roaches, get a can of roach killer - it's not Habitat for Humanity's job to keep giving you free things after they've given you a free house.

The national media here in the United States has not picked up this story - whether because it's a) critical of Jimmy Carter or b) critical of the poor who live in free houses and don't know how to take care of them and wouldn't anyway - government better just move them to their next free house.

Republic type blogs have taken up the story - blaming Carter's work all the way:

Never mind the fact that the only problem ever reported with Habitat for Humanity is at this Florida site - where again, it's Florida, hot humid weather, and if you dn't have people taking care of "their" home, "their" home is going to crumble away, and that isn't the government's fault.

And there's also a very good point. Obviously all of these people are too poor to be able to afford lawyers - it would be interesting to know how much these lawyers are charging for their "pro bono" work. $500 an hour perhaps, rounded up in increments of half hours, perhaps? So when they get their settlement from Habitat for Humanity, which of course they will, the lawyers will get most of the money and the poor people will receive enough money to buy the cans of Raid they should have bought in the first place!

It Is Our God-Given Right to Be Able to Watch Television

and if the government is going to switch our TV signals from analog to digital, they also must buy us a new TV to replace our analog TV!

God forbid that people should actually have to go out and buy a new TV themselves, or if they can't afford a new TV, go without for a while. Perhaps start reading books and get an education instead.

Here's the article:
Consumer's Union pleads with Congress to delay nation's switch to digital TV
Many consumers could be without TV signals soon, and the Consumers Union is not happy about it.

The transition to digital TV is supposed to take place by February 17. However, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration said on January 5 it does not have enough money to provide coupons to help all of those affected by the transition offset the cost of buying the necessary converter boxes, according to the Washington Post and AdWeek.

So what - let them buy their own, for god's sake!

I am not going to buy BluRay for example, not after I only recently converted to DVD! So is it the government's job to buy me a new BluRay since my DVD collection will soon be out of date?

Here's the thing - digital televisions have been on sale for over a decade. Very few people have analog sets any more - of these, the majority are secondary tvs that people keep in their kitchens, to have noise on while they're eating their food.

Nowhere in the bill of rights does it say that it is a god-given right that the government has to make sure that everyone can watch television. Yeah - apparently it's every kid's right to have a computer - hence all the free computers in libraries - in which kids typically play on social sites - where they can get dates and stuff, not to learn how to work with computers so they can get good jobs in that sector.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Offensive names being "aculturated" and Reverse Racism on TV

I don't usually read gossip - and find the fact that gossip on celebretries to be so prevalent on the net rather sad. So it was just today that I looked at Yahoo's Gossip Email, someone had asked "Why do the Travolta's live in Florida," and of course the response gets in a few tweaks on their wealth and the fact that they spend their money on stuff us poorer people can only dream about (but we do dream about it, eh? And would if we could.)

But the email to which people are supposed to send their questions really torques my jaws. It's called "Answerbitch." I was offended by that and I sent them an email telling them so. As far as I know, bitch is still considered a derogatroy term and as far as I'm concerned, it should remain so, not be converted to yet another filthy word that people say without even thinking about it (like pimp, dyke, etc.)

Secondly, I'm watching Law & Order, an episode called Chattel. The premise is that white folk are "adopting" black folk from Haiti, but instead of treating them as children and part of a family, they're being treated as slaves. Well, here's the thing. That does go on - but it's people from Haiti, and Africa, who have brought these children over here and treat them this way - not ordinary whites! This is just a blatant attempt to make the US appear as if racism is out of control - and yet they're avoiding the very real problem that this child slavery is not white on black but black on black! (Similarly - white slavery still exists, and that's whites being kidnapped and sent over to the third world countries. And Chinese illegal immigrants are used in the sex trade as well - by other Chinese...)

(Similarly, Brinks has done a few commercials recently, for their home security system. Every time, it's a white woman in a big house, doing whatever, when two men - two white men - try to break in, and are chased away by the alarm. Well, of course they don't dare use black actors as the burglars, that would be racism! (On the other hand, they don't have the white guys trying to break into a black woman's house, presumably that would also raise issues to places where they don't want to go).

Don't get me wrong - Im not saying there aren't white racists in America. There's a lot of hatin' people out. What I am saying is that racism extends across all colors of the spectrum, and I'm sick and tired of whites being singled out as the only ones who are racist.

I mean, just take a look at the history of Africa in the present day. It's Africans massacring Africans over there, all because they're the wrong tribe - the wrong race. Hutus vs Tsutsis in Rwanda. Or the January 2008 massacre of the Kikuyus of Kenya by members of the Kalenjin, Luhya and Luo tribes - women and children who'd sought sanctuary in a church, which young men from those three tribes then proceeded to burn to the ground with the kids inside - all because the wrong tribe's man had been elected to be president.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Businesses - People Are Getting Hurt on Your Barbed Wire!

You just have to laugh.

Newark is a city with a large criminal element.... most large cities are.... and in order to protect their businesses from thieves, a lot of businesses put up barbed or razor wire on top of their fences, to prevent thieves from climbing over.

But...oh no! People who try to climb over barbed wire get hurt! And we can't have that! So the barbed wire has to come down!

And the crime rate goes up.

Critics say Newark barbed wire ban helps criminals

Some excerpts:

Some business owners in this crime-plagued city say recent enforcement of a decades-old ordinance prohibiting some types of barbed wire and razor wire is making Newark more attractive — to thieves.

Burglaries are up 17 percent from 2007 through November in Newark,


The city is aggressively courting new investment and development, but people who have been ordered to downgrade their fences say officials are worried more about aesthetics than security.

John DeSantis, owner of a lot used by an auto repair business in Newark's West Ward, says his property has been the site of more than a dozen burglaries since the summer, when the city forced him to remove razor wire on top of the 7-foot-tall fence that surrounds the lot.


DeSantis said he was surprised when a city official told him that the ordinance was being enforced to prevent passers-by or anyone climbing the fence from being injured by the barbed wire.

"I said that maybe if a few of these thieves were injured the word would get around that 'Hey, we can't do this anymore," he said.

Frankly, I'm surprised that the crooks that try to climb over barbed wire, and injure themselves, don't sue the place they were trying to steal from, for making it so dangerous to enter their place. You can just bet some lawyers are working up a few lawsuits in that regard!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Never Ending Hatred

How can it be possible to bring peace to Earth? Answer - it's not possible.

Take Israel, Hamas, and the Gaza strip, for example.

Hamas launches rockets into Israsel from the Gaza strip.

Hamas can't be killed in the normal way - they take refuge behind women and children. Most people, raised right, would call that pretty cowardly and not support them, but it doesn't seem to affect the people in the Gaza strip. All they see is that Israel launches their attacks on Hamas, despite the fact that women and children will be killed as well.

So the families of these victims conceive their hatred for Israel, and will turn around and become Hamas themselves, in order to get their revenge. It's like a hydra... each time one psychotic murderer is killed, ten more will take their place.

Oh great and glorious god, with your "plan." Ya think you could come down and point out exactly which religious sect actually worships the right god. You could put an end to all this suffering yourself, ya know. (Irony alert. Gotta tell you, I dont understand anyone who could worship a God - whether a Muslim or Christian god - who would actually stand by and watch such carnage believing that it's "God's will" to test them! Any such god is, by defnition, a psycho.)