Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Offensive names being "aculturated" and Reverse Racism on TV

I don't usually read gossip - and find the fact that gossip on celebretries to be so prevalent on the net rather sad. So it was just today that I looked at Yahoo's Gossip Email, someone had asked "Why do the Travolta's live in Florida," and of course the response gets in a few tweaks on their wealth and the fact that they spend their money on stuff us poorer people can only dream about (but we do dream about it, eh? And would if we could.)

But the email to which people are supposed to send their questions really torques my jaws. It's called "Answerbitch." I was offended by that and I sent them an email telling them so. As far as I know, bitch is still considered a derogatroy term and as far as I'm concerned, it should remain so, not be converted to yet another filthy word that people say without even thinking about it (like pimp, dyke, etc.)

Secondly, I'm watching Law & Order, an episode called Chattel. The premise is that white folk are "adopting" black folk from Haiti, but instead of treating them as children and part of a family, they're being treated as slaves. Well, here's the thing. That does go on - but it's people from Haiti, and Africa, who have brought these children over here and treat them this way - not ordinary whites! This is just a blatant attempt to make the US appear as if racism is out of control - and yet they're avoiding the very real problem that this child slavery is not white on black but black on black! (Similarly - white slavery still exists, and that's whites being kidnapped and sent over to the third world countries. And Chinese illegal immigrants are used in the sex trade as well - by other Chinese...)

(Similarly, Brinks has done a few commercials recently, for their home security system. Every time, it's a white woman in a big house, doing whatever, when two men - two white men - try to break in, and are chased away by the alarm. Well, of course they don't dare use black actors as the burglars, that would be racism! (On the other hand, they don't have the white guys trying to break into a black woman's house, presumably that would also raise issues to places where they don't want to go).

Don't get me wrong - Im not saying there aren't white racists in America. There's a lot of hatin' people out. What I am saying is that racism extends across all colors of the spectrum, and I'm sick and tired of whites being singled out as the only ones who are racist.

I mean, just take a look at the history of Africa in the present day. It's Africans massacring Africans over there, all because they're the wrong tribe - the wrong race. Hutus vs Tsutsis in Rwanda. Or the January 2008 massacre of the Kikuyus of Kenya by members of the Kalenjin, Luhya and Luo tribes - women and children who'd sought sanctuary in a church, which young men from those three tribes then proceeded to burn to the ground with the kids inside - all because the wrong tribe's man had been elected to be president.

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