Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chief Justice Roberts Assists Barack Obama in muffing the oath

It is absolutely incredible to me that Chief Justice Roberts, who administered the oath of office to Barack Obama, screwed up the words. And then Obama, who apparently knew the words but was confused because Roberts was telling him the wrong ones, muffed up, as well.

This is what the United States of America has come to. I always knew all of our politicians were crooks intent on lining their own pockets, but over the course of the last two years it has become clear that they are intent on destroying this country as a Republic, and are intent on installing socialism, to which end they have destroyed our economy.

Come on, people! If you can believe that George Bush would order the Twin Towers to be destroyed so he could declare war on Iraq for oil, is it too much of a stretch to believe that various Democrats, in particular Barney Franks, manipulated our banking system and Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to such an extent that they would fail and have to be bailed out... given money for which they did not have to account (Democrats wrote that bail out bill, then blamed Bush when it didn't include accountability)!

The US is doomed, folk. Doomed. We're going to be turned into a socialist, third world country.

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