Thursday, January 8, 2009

It Is Our God-Given Right to Be Able to Watch Television

and if the government is going to switch our TV signals from analog to digital, they also must buy us a new TV to replace our analog TV!

God forbid that people should actually have to go out and buy a new TV themselves, or if they can't afford a new TV, go without for a while. Perhaps start reading books and get an education instead.

Here's the article:
Consumer's Union pleads with Congress to delay nation's switch to digital TV
Many consumers could be without TV signals soon, and the Consumers Union is not happy about it.

The transition to digital TV is supposed to take place by February 17. However, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration said on January 5 it does not have enough money to provide coupons to help all of those affected by the transition offset the cost of buying the necessary converter boxes, according to the Washington Post and AdWeek.

So what - let them buy their own, for god's sake!

I am not going to buy BluRay for example, not after I only recently converted to DVD! So is it the government's job to buy me a new BluRay since my DVD collection will soon be out of date?

Here's the thing - digital televisions have been on sale for over a decade. Very few people have analog sets any more - of these, the majority are secondary tvs that people keep in their kitchens, to have noise on while they're eating their food.

Nowhere in the bill of rights does it say that it is a god-given right that the government has to make sure that everyone can watch television. Yeah - apparently it's every kid's right to have a computer - hence all the free computers in libraries - in which kids typically play on social sites - where they can get dates and stuff, not to learn how to work with computers so they can get good jobs in that sector.

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