Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama apologizes to Nancy Reagan for seance remark

It will be interesting to see if Hannity and Limbaugh, not to mention Boortz, make hay with this on Monday. It's so trivial that i doubt that they will, but we'll see.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama's POTENTIAL Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel

[This post has been edited to add links to two books about Rahm Emanuel from If you want to know what to expect from this guy (and the article below isn't information enough for ya), check out these books.]

This is what Rush Limbaugh had to say about Rahm Emanuel (and can someone riddle me this. If this guy had done the steak knife thing, and had been anything other than a politician, would he or would he have not gone to jail or at the very least had a psych evaluation?)

Also, this notion of governing from the center? His first appointment, his chief of staff is Rahm Emanuel. Do we know if Emanuel has accepted? Rahm Emanuel wants to be Speaker of the House. Let me tell you a little bit about Rahm Emanuel. Hillary Clinton hates him. In the White House, Rahm Emanuel pushed NAFTA and made that go first instead of her health care baby, and her health care baby suffered. There's no love lost between Rahm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton, and he is good a old-fashioned Chicago thug just like Obama is a good old-fashioned Chicago thug. On the night of the Clinton election, Rahm Emanuel was so angry at the president's enemies that he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign; Rahm Emanuel grabbed a steak knife and he began rattling off a list of betrayers.

As he listed their names, he shouted, "Dead! Dead! Dead!" and he plunged the steak knife into the table after every name.

And from the New York Times:

After President-elect Barack Obama ran a nearly flawless 21-month campaign, Democrats are second-guessing one of his first and most important postelection decisions: Why is he asking Representative Rahm Emanuel — "Rahmbo," one of the capital’s most in-your-face partisan actors — to be his chief of staff?

A second question has the political networks abuzz: Why would Mr. Emanuel, now on a ladder potentially to be speaker of the House someday, take the job?

For both men, who are close friends from Chicago, the answers capture their separate calculations as to how best to seize the historic moment. In the decisive election of the nation’s first African-American president, they see a mandate to push through actual change — as opposed to campaign slogans — in the nation’s domestic and foreign policies.

Interestingly, Emanuel is an investment banker who made millions of dollars, and is one of those who helped "negotiate" the mortgage lender bailout of a few weeks ago. (You know, the one the Democrats caused by refusing to add oversight to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and then managed to successfully blame the Bush administration for?)

Mr. Emanuel, who turns 49 this month, knows the White House, having been a senior adviser to President Bill Clinton. In a brief career as an investment banker after that, he made millions and became familiar with Wall Street; in the House, he helped negotiate the government bailout of the financial system that the next president inherits.

How could he have made millions of dollars in a "brief career" as an investment banker, unless he was getting some help from some influential people, eh?


But there's the matter of his temperament — or, as Mr. Emanuel says, "I swear a lot." He also yells a lot, and in his sentences his favorite expletive can serve as subject, verb or adjective when he is facing down either recalcitrant Democrats or Republican opponents. As the House Democrats' campaign chairman for 2006, he swore at Hispanic and African-American House members, nearly all of whom had safe seats, to contribute more of their personal campaign finances to the party effort. Speaker Nancy Pelosi intervened to smooth things over.

To many Democrats, including some who are close to both men, Mr. Obama's choice of Mr. Emanuel to run the White House seems at odds with the atmosphere Mr. Obama enforced at his Chicago campaign headquarters. The motto there was "No drama with Obama," in contrast with the backbiting and shakeups in rivals' campaigns.


House Republicans are said to hate Mr. Emanuel for his partisanship, and on Wednesday, the former Florida congressman Joe Scarborough said on his cable television show that Mr. Obama’s enlistment of Mr. Emanuel amounted to "politics as usual" when the president-elect had promised conciliation.

Tom Brokaw Believes He Doesn't Deserve His Success

Rush Limbaugh aired some audio today in which Tom Brokaw points out that white folks - in particular him - don't deserve the breaks they get.

BROKAW: Well, it's very emotional for me in a lot of ways because, uh, race has been a big part of my journalistic careers; and I grew up in South Dakota in working class communities, a, uh, uh, white kid who had all kinds of breaks along the way -- even when they didn't deserve them, by the way --

MITCHELL: I don't believe that.

BROKAW: Noooo, even when I stumbled, you know, as I did in college, people were willing to give me a second shot. And I often said, "If my skin had been one pigment darker, none of that would have happened for me," and that has always made me very conscious of where race fits in in America. So this is a very big deal.

Now I'm wondering, how many black athletes in college have been given three or four changes to make good, just because they were excellent athletes? And each time they'd screw up - assaulting girl friends, doing drugs, driving drunk - and each time they'd get a second chance and do it again. [Yes, there are white athletes who have screwed up as well, and also gotten second chances. It's not a black-white thing, it's an athlete thing.]

But as Limbaugh pointed out... where would Ed Bradley be if he wasn't black? (Not to mention the black news reporters on practically every TV news crew, on the sports channels, etc. etc. Sure, this stuff didnt' start until the 70s, but for 30 years the US - whites and blacks - have been working toward this goal, and the fact that Obama was even elected proves that the "country as a whole" isn't racist.

Here's another excerpt.

BROKAW: The interesting part of it is, he didn't run as somebody who said, "I deserve to be elected because I'm a black man. He didn't lead with his race." He was chosen in the final analysis because he seemed to be the best answer for solving these problems that are before us of the choices that we had. So I think it's a real statement about a maturing America when it comes to race.

RUSH: His campaign was all about race. This is the dirty little secret: His campaign was all about race. That speech last night was all about race. I wasn't going to say that. I wasn't going to say that today, but now I have an entree, and I could go through that speech for you and I could show you. "Fundamental change," all of these things were oriented toward righting wrongs for a specific group of people of which he was a member. It was all about race. When I made that observation last night, everybody in my house agreed with me -- and not because they have to in order to stay. They agreed with me because they agreed with me. (sigh) "Chosen in the final analysis 'cause he seemed to be the best answer for solving these problem." Cookie,you gotta get me the Charlie Rose bite, you gotta -- after the break. We're going to play these two back-to-back. Lonnie, thanks for the heads up on this; 'cause, frankly, we aren't watching TV here today.

I wish this clip was on YouTube, but it isn't, nevertheless I gotta tell you... Tom Brokaw is an idiot.

Blacks defeat gay marriage

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today, who read out the results of the states - California and Florida, where bans on gay marriage were being voted on.

Interestingly, whites voted to NOT ban gay marriage, but the measures in both states passed because black voters voted to ban them.

FOr myself, I don't see why gays shouldn't be able to get married.

I also don't see why Limbaugh was all upset because the assisted-suicide measure - allowing suicide passed - why should someone have the right to tell someone else how much pain or agony they should have to endure, without being allowed to end their suffering. What kind of "God" do these people worship, that would rather see these people suffer then allow them to end their suffering - just because he inflicted it upon them as one of his tests to see if they would still believe in him? What a psycho God is...

Obamas First Four Years

I've started a web chronicle which will cover each day of the Obama presidency.

And it starts with the 75 days leading up to his inaugeration on January 20, 2009.

For the website in general:

For November 5, 2008:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy days in North Carolina

Bev Perdue has become the first female governor of North Carolina.

I'd like to be happy that a woman has broken the glass ceiling, but she's a Democrat and two of her fundraisers had to resign over ethics violations.

So how on earth did she get elected?

>>Perdue ran on a platform of offering free community college tuition to all students and providing health insurance to an estimated 300,000 uninsured children, largely through government-subsidized premiums.

(And of course, "government-subsidized" means tax-payer subsidized, which means "more taxes for the middle class."

Thank you, media

Well, Obama won in a landslide.

According to the media, it was thanks to young people, who were disenchanted with Republicans.

I'd say it was thanks to the media, that served softballs to Obama for two years, hiding every flaw, that got him this presidency.

And it shows the limitations of "alternative" media. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have for two years been exposing Obama for what he is... and it did not matter.

There are tons of videos on YouTube showing exactly what Obama is, and it did not matter.

We've got a socialist president in the White House, we've Democrats who are nothing more than socialists in charge of the House and the Senate... and so within four years we're going to have a socialist USA.

Sad days indeed.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama flips off Hilary, and now McCain

Here's the video of Obama "flipping off" Hilary, after losing to her in PA a few months ago.

He did it again today (November 3, 2008), when talking about McCain.

It is curious, though. Thought he was supposed to be a classy individual?

Can he be doing this accidently because he's not aware of what that middle finger signifies?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

You think media people would know better

There's been several times over the years when people have thought the microphone was dead, and said what they really thought, only to find out later that the mike (or mic as the cognoscenti like to call it) was still on.

Such it is with this radio talk show host in San Francisco. KGO. The Karel show. Listen at the 1.07 mark.

"F**ck Joe the Plumber. I want Joe the Plumber dead."

Now, that's not Obama saying that. And McCain has some wacked out supporters of his own - i.e. that woman who faked an attack on her face and said an Obama supporter had done it.

Nonetheless, why hate the guy if he hadn't exposed the truth about Obama and his socialist desires?

two satires on Barack and BIden

A citizen's response to the Obama infomercial:

and The Biden Chronicles

Obama wants a "Civilian Defense Force" and more

Civilian Defense Force - just 16 seconds. Who knows what he's really talking about?

Well...this is apparently 8 minutes into his talk. What he's talking about is an Alphabet Soup, similar to Roosevelt's WPA in the Depression years. And more to the point, why wasn't this reported on by mainstream media when Obama made this speech - 3 MONTHS AGO?

Read about it here:

White folks - again, just excerpts from his book... who knows the context..? Is he just quoting what a friend told him, and we're not shown where he tells his friend he's got the wrong attitude?

Obama declares he will bankrupt coal industry

Here's the Youtube video of Obama declaring that he'll bankrupt the coal industry (he's part of the "greening" of America).

I'm all for going green... but how much arable land is destroyed when you put windmills all over it? How much do corn prices skyrocket because people are using them for fuel instead of for feed?