Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Reverend Wright on Bill Moyers

People have called Moyer's questions "Softball questions." View it for yourself and see.

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Jeremiah Wright at the Press Club

No need to read how people interpret what Wright said, watch it for yourself. There are five parts to this interview.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jeremiah Wright is NOT a hypocrite

The talk show hosts, and some people commenting on news articles, have claimed that Jeremiah Wright is a hypocrite, because he has preached to his 6-8,000 strong congregation to "stay in the hood" and not to get an education, because, apparently, if you get an education and become a "middle-class" individual, you are selling out to the Rich White People of this country who want blacks to remain poor. (How being able to become "middle class" in a Rich White America is even possible for blacks he hasn't explained, but he doesn't want his people making the effort to do so... in other words, his people are "owed" and musn't make an effort to better their lives...and the squalor they live in as a consequence is still Rich White America's fault.)

Anyway, it was revealed a couple of days ago that Wright's church has bought land for him in a gated community, and are building a million dollar house there for him. And this gated community is 98% white - so if there's 100 homes in this gated community, 98 are white and there are 2 blacks living there.

I think you've got to be a bit more than "middle class" to be living in a gated community.

So is he a hypocrite? Of course not! What's going to happen is simple. He's going to start holding Sunday parties in his home, inviting 20 of his poorest congregants to the house so they can see how Rich White America - and Jeremiah Wright - live. And then, if these people get harassed because they're black in an all white gated community, he's going to be able to say, "See, see, I told you so. Racist America!

Well...maybe not his "poorest" congregants. Maybe he'll ask his "middle class" congregants to come instead...even though he doesn't want any of his people to become "middle class"....

Now...if he doesn't hold these parties for his congregants - just invites the rich pastors and rich black religious folks - well, yeah... that'll make him a hypocrite. Because they should be holding their parties in the hood, so that all the congregants can get a taste of the good life that their tithing provides their pastors.