Saturday, May 1, 2010

All Gall: The Stephen Baldwin Restoration Project

What should charity, and welfare, be designed to do? It should be designed to help people out temporarily... to give people in need a breathing space while they find a job to get back on their own two feet.

It should not be something that is given to thousands of people, from their birth to death - in other words all their lives. Why not? Because if you pay people to sit on their butts and do nothing... they'll sit on their butts and do nothing. Except they have access to TVs, and will be able to see people - who actually work - buying things that they can't afford to buy. But since they have no idea of the concept of working, all they can think to do is steal what they want, or "get rich quick" schemes like selling drugs, and so on.

That's what's happening in Haiti, for example. So many people over there are getting free food and medical care that actual Haitian farmers, who have food to sell, can't sell it. People who were not hurt in the earthquake have moved into the tent cities just so they can get the free medical care.

In the States? We've had a welfare class for four generations now. Welfare has destroyed the black family - women can make more money with a dozen kids and no man in the picture. (And, of course, Latino and white women are following suit, now. Whether it's because of the destruction of morals of the whole populace, or a desire to get on the gravy train, I'll leave it for you to decide.)

So now we come to Steve Baldwin. Baldwin is "one of the Baldwin brothers." A successful movie star, he made more money on a single picture than you or I will make in a lifetime.

But, a few years ago he had a setback and had to declare bankruptcy. Much like thousands of people who make thousands of dollars a year instead of millions.

Now, there is a website out there, proclaiming Stephen Baldwin a born again Christian, and requesting donations to help restore him to the luxurious life he once knew.

The website itself is very professionally done, and must have cost a few thousand dollars to create, I'd wager.

And I'm thinking, what is the gall of this man, and the gall of these religious types who have put up this site, to ask that avererage people, like you and me, donate our hard-earned money to help this man.... who is not in a wheelchair, does not have any kind of disease to prevent him from working, does not have any children with dehablitating diseases that have sucked all his money away.... why should we donate money to help him live a life of luxury???

I checked the Internet Movie Database yesterday. Baldwin is still working - he made three movies in 2010, and the year is not even half over. Even if they are just cameos... an actor of his stature will get a minimum of $100,000 for that cameo. That's how much Hollywood pays big-name stars, even for cameos.

More than that, as I said, this man is not physically or mentally disabled in any way. He is able to get a job with which he can capitalize on his fame, selling cars for an Obamacar company, for example. Getting speaking fees for groups that want to hear his Born Again message.

There is no reason why this man cannot provide for himself and his family on his own. And if he can't, can't some of his brothers help him out? Can't his wife go to work?

The very idea that this able-bodied man, still in the prime of life, is looking to solicit donations..not for a ministry, not for a worthy cause... but for himself to get back into the luxurious life... it is obscene. He should be ashamed of himself, the religious folks who put together the website should be ashamed of themselves, and anyone who donates to this site, instead of sending it to some much more reputable charity, should be ashamed of themselves!