Thursday, January 8, 2009

No Buzz on Jimmy Carter's Habitat For Humanity Homes Falling Down?

A few days ago, a British newspaper reported that a group of people in Florida were suing Habitat for Humanity because their homes were infested with roaches, improperly built, etc. Rush Limbaugh mentioned it on his show - of course he's blaming Jimmy Carter to the hilt for building substandard homes.

What Limbaugh never mentioned is that Habitat for Humanity has professional home builders who inspected every bit of the construction, and who also did the difficult work - like air conditioning and electricty - no he wants to get in his digs at Jimmy Carter.

What Limbaugh never brought to the table was the fact that many other people who live in this development point out that they live in Florida, where houses degrade if you don't take care of them properly, and if you've got roaches, get a can of roach killer - it's not Habitat for Humanity's job to keep giving you free things after they've given you a free house.

The national media here in the United States has not picked up this story - whether because it's a) critical of Jimmy Carter or b) critical of the poor who live in free houses and don't know how to take care of them and wouldn't anyway - government better just move them to their next free house.

Republic type blogs have taken up the story - blaming Carter's work all the way:

Never mind the fact that the only problem ever reported with Habitat for Humanity is at this Florida site - where again, it's Florida, hot humid weather, and if you dn't have people taking care of "their" home, "their" home is going to crumble away, and that isn't the government's fault.

And there's also a very good point. Obviously all of these people are too poor to be able to afford lawyers - it would be interesting to know how much these lawyers are charging for their "pro bono" work. $500 an hour perhaps, rounded up in increments of half hours, perhaps? So when they get their settlement from Habitat for Humanity, which of course they will, the lawyers will get most of the money and the poor people will receive enough money to buy the cans of Raid they should have bought in the first place!

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