Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Finally Does Something Right!

Obama is going to be attacked by a lot of people for a decision he made today.... Obama deserves to be attacked on a lot of issues, but on this one I hope he stands firm:
In a long-expected move, President Barack Obama plans to sign an executive order ending the ban on federal funds for international groups that perform abortions or provide information on the option, officials told The Associated Press on Friday.

Liberal groups welcomed the decision while abortion rights foes criticized the president. Known as the "Mexico City policy," the ban has been reinstated and then reversed by Republican and Democratic presidents since GOP President Ronald Reagan established it in 1984. President Bill Clinton ended the ban in 1993, but President George W. Bush re-instituted it in 2001 as one of his first acts in office.

The policy bans U.S. taxpayer money, usually in the form of U.S. Agency for International Development funds, from going to international family planning groups that either offer abortions or provide information, counseling or referrals about abortion. It is also known as the "global gag rule," because it prohibits taxpayer funding for groups that lobby to legalize abortion or promote it as a family planning method.

I simply don't understand religious people. What's worse, to not be born at all, or to be born and live for a couple of years in total and abject mistery before you die of starvation?

There's a sentence in the bible, I've been told. "The poor are always with you. They were put here to keep us charitable."

Pish, tosh. The reason the poor are always with us, is because people aren't allowed to practice birth control, so when they have a little comfort-giving sex, a baby comes along 9 months later, and since they can't afford that baby, they stay poor, and the US (and other countries that pay out welfare to people who have children they can't afford) stays poor as well.

Yes - the US is a poor country. All our money is an illusion, as this recent banking crisis has only made clear. We are trillions of dollars in debt...if we had to pay those debts we wouldn't be able to do so... but of course we won't be called to pay because the International Monetary Fund does everything on paper...

Anyway, after 3 days I already don't think much of President Obama, but in this one case the guy deserves a medal.

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