Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am so sick of the term, "single" mother

Well, the "single" mother who had 6 kids, and got in vitro fertilization so she now has 8 more kids, is getting tons of book and tv offers.


Well, maybe if she accepts one of these offers, she'll have the money to pay to raise these children, so that the welfare state won't have to do so.

It's interesting....it used to be, women who didnt' get married but had kids were called "unmarried" mothers. Whereas women who got married, had kids, and then got divorced and had custody of their kids, were called, "divorced" mothers.

But, of course, those words are "pejorative", so now, every woman without a husband who is raising kids is called a "single" mother, and there's no way of knowing if they're having babies out of wedlock, in which cases the chances are very likely that the mom is on welfare and it is *our* tax money paying to raise these children, or if they're a divorced mom who is getting alimony from their ex-spouse and therefore is probably not on welfare. (Unless of course the ex-spouse has a $6 hour job at Walmart, in which case, again, they shouldnt' have had a child to begin with.)

Sure, in a perfect world, every woman who wants children has the right to have them. Howevever, a woman who cannot support herself, let alone any children she may give birth to, does *not* have the right to have children, because people do *not* have the right to increase the tax burden of other citizens by having children they cannot afford to have!

Sure, there are exceptions. Someone has a well-paying job, decides to have a child, gets pregnant, then loses her job for whatever reason and can't get another, and thus needs assistance - temporarily - until finding a new job. But those are exceptions. 90% of unmarried mothers are the ones having these babies that they could not afford even before they got pregnant, but secure in the knowledge that they would get welfare, they went ahead on.

And, of course, there's no way to stop it. Religious orders won't let you teach people to use birth control, certain feminist groups say reproduction is a basic female right (I'm a feminist - but I believe in equality!), and the Democrats want as many welfare mouths to feed as possible, to keep them in power.

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