Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another word lost to political correctness

The black community is all in an uproar about the New York Post article that likens Obama's stimulus bill to that insane rampaging chimpanzee that had to be shot a few days ago after it attacked and practically skinned a woman.

Because it's a chimpanzee, and because Obama'a black, it was obviously racist. The paper tried to hold out for a while, but it was no good.

Then of course there's Barbara Walters, whom one black pundit said "had a teachable lesson" on The View a couple of days ago, because she didn't understand what the fuss was about. Is it because the chimpanzee was colored black? she asked. No, it's because it was just a chimpanzee, and some black kids have been verbally abused by being called monkeys, so now it can never be used to describe anyone's behavior.

So thousands of white parents, who see their kids, or their kids along with other kids, climbing in trees and acting like monkeys, will now no longer be able to yell, "You monkeys get down from there!" on the offchance that one of the kids in the tree might be black and be offended.

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