Saturday, February 14, 2009

Have A Day Laborer Who Needs A Bike? Steal One

Here's the video of the loading dock of the Byrd Insitute, where Abdul Rao, who makes $380,000 a year, drives up with his day laborer. They get out, look at two bikes leaning against a railing - both of them unlocked - takes one and leaves the other.

Now, I admit. If I see a bike lying on its side on the side of the road, I assume it's been stolen and abandoned. 90% of the time, that's the case. (I live in an upper middle class neighborhood, and if a bike isn't locked, it's gone.)

However, a bike propped against a railing? First off, of course it's stupid to leave a bike unlocked... but apparently at least two people did it! Is this loading dock known as a place where people abandon their bikes?

But, if you read the article, Rao said he was going to bring the bike back (and indeed did so) - so obviously he didn't think the bike was abandoned.

The thing is, Rao makes $380,000 a year. If his day laborer needs a bike, why not just buy him one for $100 or so! Instead of obviously going scavenging for a bike!

Of course, people try to make political hay out of this. Most people who teach and work for Institutes of higher learning are Democrats, and one could say that this is the Democratic mindset in action. You make a lot of money, you've got a day laborer who needs a bike. Dont' spend your money. Spread the wealth around - take a bike from someone else.

Republicans...cant see their ideology of standing on your own two feet and earning the money to buy your own possessions permitting this. Of course there are people who vote Republican who are criminals. Indeed, there are plenty of Republican politicans who are criminals - my belief is that all politicians in either party are crooks - but the ideology of the party itself would look down upon this. Private property is private property.

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