Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hannity must not listen to Rush Limbaugh

Ealier today, Limbaugh played quotes from the Fiscal Responsibility Summit, about McCain telling Obama that he and his group had talked about Obama's 26 Marine One helicopters.

Now - Limbaugh pointed out that this fleet was ordered under Bush's watch, not Obama's....

So when Hannity talks about this in the first few minutes of his show, he makes it sound as if it was Obama who wanted this fleet, and it was only because of what McCain had said that Obama decided to cancel, or at least review, it's purchase.

So, this Marine One debacle can't be held at Obama's door. Limbaugh knows this, and made a point of saying it. Does Hannity know this, and elected to hide it? Or does he not know that it was a Bush item?

So that's a black mark against Hannity. (I hope it's not considered racist to use the term "black mark" anymore?)

But what I'm curious about is this.

The Fiscal Responsibility Summit

How many of these groups separated out to talk about Fiscal Responsiblity for a whole 2 hours, and who gave them the topics to talk about?

Because when McCain comes back and mentions that they spent two hours talking about the Marine one fleet, Obama says, "Oh, yeah, I've already had discusions about that and I don't see a need for it."

So I'm like... if this isn't an issue, why did you have McCain and his group talk about it for two hours? Why didn't you give them something relevant to discuss?

This Fiscal Responsibility meeting was apparently only a "one-shot" thing. Transcripts won't be sent out to the participants for 30 days. After that.... what's supposed to happen, I wonder?

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