Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Great God is not surprised...

Latest of many that occurs every day..

Man walked into a church during Sunday services, shot and killed the pastor, and then was subdued.

Here's what one of the religious folks had to say:

"Our great God is not surprised by this, or anything," Nate Adams, executive director of the Illinois Baptist State Association, said in a statement. "That He allows evil and free will to have their way in tragedies like this is a mystery in many ways. But we know we can trust Him no matter what, and draw close to Him in any circumstances."

So what's better to believe...that human beings are human beings, responsible for their own actions and with no greater power watching them by night and day, or...that there is a God.... who does watch every human being on earth every second of the day.... and lets an innocent person be murdered, an innocent baby be beaten to innocent woman have acid thrown in her face....thousands of people killed by a mudslide....millions of people killed by a "Holocaoust" ya da ya da ya da.

Frankly, I'd much rather believe there was no god (which I do), because if there is a god, what a sick god he is...

IN an interesting twist, the headline of the story is now changed. "Priest used bible to deflect first bullet."

But the other 3 got through and killed him.

To me, if I read a headline that says, "Priest used bible to deflect bullet," I'm thinking, well, they mention the bible and say he's a priest, don't tell me a miracle occured and the bible saved his life? Of course not, he still died! Why in the world have a headline like that!??? If you're trying to turn people to religion, that's surely not the way to do it!

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