Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama's Special Olympics comment

In a preview of the Jay Leno taping, various people saw that, at the end of his 40-minute segment, he compared his bowling skills that of the Special Olympics.

Many people are outraged by this.

1. Will that be cut from tonight's broadcast?
2. Should it be cut from tonight's broadcast?
3. Are people just too senstive? Next, every Jerry Lewis movie ever made will have to be deleted!
4. Will people compare this gaffe to Limbaugh's saying Michael J. Fox faked his Parkinson's symptoms? One hopes not, since Limbaugh never said that - he merely said that Fox deliberately didn't take his medication so people could see what he looked like if he didn't take it. (And frankly, I'm with Fox on that. Anything you can do to get research to stop that or any other horrible disease.. stemcells or whatever, go for it.)

On a side note, the White House is going to start a garden to help stock the kitchens. How soon before they have cows and chickens, I wonder?

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mantra2 said...

that was hilarious, I wrote a blog about it myself :)

Check it out, I think freedom of speech is great