Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Does the treatment of Barack Obama resemble that of Hitler?

One should never make comparisons to Adolph Hitler lightly. Hitler was a vicious man who instigated the Holocaust - and to me the Holocaust means the Jews, the Gypsies, the Commies, the Gays, etc, everyone who suffered under Nazi regime.

But what is the one thing people said about Hitler, when the economy and later the war wasn't going well? He had great personal charm, he was able to inspire people (albeit by demonizing entire races of people - the Slavs, the Jews, the Gypsies), and when the country was falling down around their ears, the people never said - "It's Hitler's fault." No, they said, "If only Hitler knew what was going on, he wouldn't allow this."

Now, Bush was likened to Hitler by somebody for his at one time secret "renditions" - grabbing up people and imprisoning them without trial for years on end, etc., and frankly, I've got to agree that that certainly seemed like stormtrooper policy. But (yeah, I know there's always a but) he was doing it against terrorists who were out to *blow up* buildings and kill thousands of people.)

Now, can Obama be compared with Hitler? I think he can. Not for any policies that might lead to the destruction of peoples such as the Jews, but the fact that, no matter how incompetent the people around him look, he is not blamed. But the people around him are the ones he chose.

Camille LaPaglia had an article today in which she says she likes Obama, and blames the incompetence that's been on display in the last 50 days on the people surrounding him.

Then there's Warren Buffet and a few other guys. All of them emphasizing that they like Obama, they voted for Obama, they want Obama to suceed...but then go on to say that his economic policies are going to be disasterous for the country.

So all the criticism slides right off Obama, just as it slid right off Hitler. It's just the people surrounding him who are stupid...

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