Sunday, January 4, 2009

Businesses - People Are Getting Hurt on Your Barbed Wire!

You just have to laugh.

Newark is a city with a large criminal element.... most large cities are.... and in order to protect their businesses from thieves, a lot of businesses put up barbed or razor wire on top of their fences, to prevent thieves from climbing over.

But...oh no! People who try to climb over barbed wire get hurt! And we can't have that! So the barbed wire has to come down!

And the crime rate goes up.

Critics say Newark barbed wire ban helps criminals

Some excerpts:

Some business owners in this crime-plagued city say recent enforcement of a decades-old ordinance prohibiting some types of barbed wire and razor wire is making Newark more attractive — to thieves.

Burglaries are up 17 percent from 2007 through November in Newark,


The city is aggressively courting new investment and development, but people who have been ordered to downgrade their fences say officials are worried more about aesthetics than security.

John DeSantis, owner of a lot used by an auto repair business in Newark's West Ward, says his property has been the site of more than a dozen burglaries since the summer, when the city forced him to remove razor wire on top of the 7-foot-tall fence that surrounds the lot.


DeSantis said he was surprised when a city official told him that the ordinance was being enforced to prevent passers-by or anyone climbing the fence from being injured by the barbed wire.

"I said that maybe if a few of these thieves were injured the word would get around that 'Hey, we can't do this anymore," he said.

Frankly, I'm surprised that the crooks that try to climb over barbed wire, and injure themselves, don't sue the place they were trying to steal from, for making it so dangerous to enter their place. You can just bet some lawyers are working up a few lawsuits in that regard!

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