Thursday, January 1, 2009

Never Ending Hatred

How can it be possible to bring peace to Earth? Answer - it's not possible.

Take Israel, Hamas, and the Gaza strip, for example.

Hamas launches rockets into Israsel from the Gaza strip.

Hamas can't be killed in the normal way - they take refuge behind women and children. Most people, raised right, would call that pretty cowardly and not support them, but it doesn't seem to affect the people in the Gaza strip. All they see is that Israel launches their attacks on Hamas, despite the fact that women and children will be killed as well.

So the families of these victims conceive their hatred for Israel, and will turn around and become Hamas themselves, in order to get their revenge. It's like a hydra... each time one psychotic murderer is killed, ten more will take their place.

Oh great and glorious god, with your "plan." Ya think you could come down and point out exactly which religious sect actually worships the right god. You could put an end to all this suffering yourself, ya know. (Irony alert. Gotta tell you, I dont understand anyone who could worship a God - whether a Muslim or Christian god - who would actually stand by and watch such carnage believing that it's "God's will" to test them! Any such god is, by defnition, a psycho.)

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