Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Time For Parents to Sit in Classrooms

In Kansas City, Missouri, an entire class of kids - 65 of them - failed their math test.

The teacher sent a letter to these kids' parents, pointing out that it was their kid's disruptive behavior in class that caused them to fail.

Of course the parents are just real upset about this - if their kids are illiterate or can't do math, it's not their fault for raising scummy kids, it's the school's fault for not being able to shove the info into their little brat's heads by osmosis.

About 65 students were the subject of the scathing letter that offended several parents. They were upset that the letter pointed at student behavior as a reason for widespread failure.

Math teacher Janice Wilson Todd said in the letter, "Unfortunately, behavior in Algebra I and Geometry has been a serious problem and has almost halted the learning process."

She referred to her two algebra classes where every student failed the final and her honors geometry class where only three students earned a passing grade.

Parents were offended their children were being blamed for what they said was a failure on the part of the school.

Here's the thing. Parents have a responsibility to sit down with their kids and help them do their homework, or at least make sure they do their homework.

Of course, if the parents didn't graduate high school themselves, they'll have a hard time helping their kids.

And since teachers aren't allowed to discipline kids anymore, there's nothing the teacher can do to restore order in the classroom.

The only solution, that I can see, is for these parents to sit in the classrooms with their kids, and see just what "disruptive" behavior their kids get up to. And if these parents actually learn a little sumpin sumpin at the same time, it's all good.

Meanwhile, a Christian man is upset because there are Buddhas at the Kansas City Zoo. Since statues of Crosses or Christ aren't allowed on public property, he doesn't think Buddhas should be allowed in the Zoo - in their Asian themed sector.

And, well, gee, one person has complained, in all the years that those Buddhas have been there, and yet the Zoo Board is going to "review" his complaint. And ya just know - those buddhas are going to be removed. Who said one person doesn't have the power to change anything?

One person complains about a book in a library - it's gone. One person complains about a cross in front of a public building, it's gone. One person complains about Buddhas in a zoo and they're gone.

For myself, I'm an atheist, and I could care less. Indeed, I'd much prefer Christian symbols to be left in front of buildings, et al. As a woman, I feel a lot safer living in a Christian country than a Muslim one.

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