Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gangsta Rap and how it treats black women

I embed lots of videos in my blogs, but I'm not going to embed this one, even with a warning about the foul language involved and "click on it only if you're prepared to here foul language."

If you want to see it, it's here.

Some "gangsta rappers" apparently like Star Wars, and put together a song about it. Full of the F-word, as Gangsta rap is, but more frightening to me, it gets in several obscenely vicious digs about women, calling them "hos" and so on, which is apparently what "gangsta rap" and indeed "rap" is all about. Black men dissing and despising black women.

And yet...young white males listen to this gangsta rap. In fact they are the biggest audience! (I remember a line from Transformers, a minor male character tells the main male character, who wants him out of the car so he can pick up a beautiful, hot-pants clad woman, "Bros before hos." If black males don't have respect for black females, and inculcate it in their songs, and white males listen to it, is it any wonder that they think poorly of black women? And whose fault is that?

Limbaugh has just played a clip of Barack Obama saying that Imus should be fired over his comments last year on the Rutgers women's basketball team, saying they sure did look like "_ _". "He wouldn't work for me," says Obama.

Yet Jeremiah Wright was okay, Limbaugh points out. And what I'm saying is - where in your speech last night was your comments on getting black males to look at black women in a respectful manner instead of looking at them as "hos."

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