Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why aren't these dealbreakers?

I have to confess that much of the US populace puzzles me. I see things that to me would make me drop support for a person *like that,* and yet these people still have enough support to continue on.

Hillary Clinton
A man lies about his war record. Or his resume. This is found out. He loses his job immediately. Hillary Clinton lies about being under fire in Bosnia....nothing happens. Three days later no one is even talking about it. She says she "mispoke." No. Saying Walgreens when you mean Walmart is "mispeaking." Making up a story out of whole cloth is lying. And worse - at least a thousand people must have known she was lying - how could she think she could get away with it?

The Reverent Jeremiah Wright
His church has bought him a house worth a million dollars, in a gated community. How is this possible? How can a black man in white-controlled, racist America, afford to live in a million dollar house? (Yes, there are plenty of blacks, and Latinos, who live in nice houses, but not in Jeremiah Wright's world view, I would have thought.)

Also, apparently, this house is being built in a "gated community." A gated community? Are there gated communities for blacks only? Must be pretty wealthy blacks to live in a gated community... is this possible in a racist, white-controlled US of KK A?

Why is this man of God living in a gated community surrounded by wealthy people? Shouldn't he be living in the ghettos of Chicago, bringing the good word to the people and showing them what they can obtain by being religious?

Barack Obama
First speech he made, he said he never sat in the pews when Wright said any of his controversial remarks. Second speech he made, yes, of course he heard them, but he's not going to disown his pastor. Third speech he made - or rather, interview, yes, if Wright hadn't retired from the Church, he'd have left it. (Yet, Wright retired from the Church, yes, only to become part of Obama's campaign!)

Now, remember, Wright himself has said that he and Obama had talked about Wright's controversialness. "Your sermons can get kind of rough, so I may need to ask you to step aside."

Seems to me that Obama is lying as bad as Hilary. He knows the truth is out there but he's obfuscating it. And while LImbaugh has asked Obama the tough questions on his show - no one else is.

What are the questions?

Which of Wright's controversial statements do you agree with?
Which do you disagree with.

He refuses to specify. Like all politicians, you will never catch him giving a "yes" or " no" answer.

John McCain
Well...the soap opera of the democrats is such that I haven't really been paying attention to McCain, but if Limbaugh is to be believed he's a bigger Democrat than the Democrats...

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