Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wright cancelling appearances

Obama's ex-pastor cancels speeches
...The Rev. Marcus Cosby, pastor at Houston's Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, told Houston television station KTRK and the Houston Chronicle that safety concerns had prompted Wright's decision.

Wright was scheduled to appear in quite a few places in the last few weeks - all of which he is cancelling. Which just goes to show how much influence he has - that he'd been asked to speak at all these black churches.

No one is saying his speeches are being cancelled because the visitee churches don't want to be associated with him, they're all saying that it's just due to "safety" or "security" issues.

So what's the deal, I wonder? Wright was a marine, is he afraid of being attacked by someone? Do the churches not want white attendees to come and hear what Wright has to say? Do they expect there will be protests?

Where is Obama, anyway? Has he taken a vacation in the middle of running for the nomination?? Or is he in the Senate building, busily working on some stuff right now that needs to be solved?????

Meantime, I cannot believe that Hilary Clinton still has any supporters, after her lies about her trip to Bosnia in 1996. The more so because everyone who was on the trip with her (for example Sinbad) and the soldiers in Bosnia at the time, knows she was lying. Why would she even think she could get away with telling such lies?

And yet she did lie, and now apparently believes that saying she "mispoke" will be believed.

I live close to a Walmart (which I am now boycotting bcause of what they're doing to Debbie Shank, by the way), and yet whenever I tell people I'm going to it I invariably say I'm going to Walgreens. That is mispeaking. But to make up paragraph after paragraph of something that bears no relationship at all to what really happened...that's plain out lying. Hillary has done this so often that it would seem that she is, quite simply, a compulsive liar. There's no other explanation for someone who tells lies that can so easily be discovered!

And McCain's speaking voice...I don't know that he mangles words like Bush...but it sure is a pain to listen to, especially when he's trying to modulate his voice as he's obviously been taught in speech class... sounds so phony.

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