Saturday, March 15, 2008

America has its priorities right!

I have two blogs - this political one, brand new - and a sports blog, a few months old.

My counter at each blog tells me from what IP a visitor comes, and what search phrase they used to find the blog.


On March 13, I posted a link to video of Barack Obama's controversial pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

On March 14, at 5.30, I watched PTI and learned that Steve Bowen had kicked Chris Paul. I went to YouTube to see if there was video of it, and there was, and I put a link to it on my sports blog.

For every one hit that I get from someone searching for "Jeremiah Wright", I've gotten at least 30 hits from people looking for Steve Bowen!

Sports rules!

After Wright was let go from Obama's campaign yesterday, I was expecting an upsurge in curiosity, but....nothing.

Of course once Monday comes around and Neil Boortz, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity start talking about it, that might cause some curiosity.

The "drive by media," as Limbaugh terms them, is certainly interesting.

As Limbaugh pointed out, when Mitt Romney was running for the Republican nomination, his Mormon religion was under scrutiny from day one.

But the "Drive Bys" have known of Obama's pastor for at least as long, and yet they didn't do an article about them until the last week???

Sean Hannity did an interview with Wright a little before March 2007 (that'd be a year ago), and has been pointing out Wright's views for at least three weeks .... and yet it has only been in the last week that the "Drive Bys" have done articles on it - and shared the video in which Wright says that the US deserved 9/11 because of our activities abroad, from bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima onward.

(And on that least he seems to think that it was Al Quaida who murdered all those innocent civilians. Quite a lot of people - whites - think that the US government itself deliberately destroyed the towers.)

The point is... the Drive Bys (I dislike Limbaugh's habit of referring to certain people and entities with disparaging names, but in this case I'm afraid it's accurate) have a demonstrable habit of building people up, waiting til the exact worst moment, and then shooting them down again.


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