Thursday, March 13, 2008

Books by the Candidates

If you're going to vote for a candidate in the next Presidential election (and may I suggest you do a write in candidate - how about the President Martin Sheen played on West Wing?) it's important that you know everything about what they stand for.

There's several books on each candidate - I only show one for each below, and then a few humorous books.

If you're interested, search out every book written about Obama, and see if any of them are critical of him and if so, why (I couldn't find any), and then every book on Hillary Clinton - and there are tons of critical books (and I'm not surprised, frankly) and then do the same for John McCain. It's not the books written that are "pro-" the candidate that you should read, but the ones that are "anti-", because then you might find things out you didn't know. But then, of course, you have to do further research to see if the statements were lies, exaggerated, and so on.

Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton

John McCain

Political satire

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