Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Compare the two websites

I visited the two websites today, and they are designed essentially the same. They both have stores, they both have bios, etc.

The one thing the Obama site has that I could not find on the Clinton site was a button called "National Voter Protection Center." It's in Spanish as well as English, and says, "Use this area to empower yourself and others with the information you need to be sure you know the rules for your state on Election Day" and it also requests anyone who is a lawyer: "On election day across the country over the coming months, we will need lawyers willing to help us stand up for everyone's right to be heard. "

I'm surprised Hillary doesn't have this on her site demanding that the people of Florida and Michigan not be disenfranchised...

In that instance, my sympathies are with the Democratic National Convention. They said - You hold your convention early, we're not going to seat your delegates. Both Obama and Hillary agreed. Now Hillary wants to go back on the deal because she needs those delegates.

I dont understand people, frankly. There are so many deal breakers for Obama and Hillary, I'd have tossed them overboard long ago. I'm not too hipped on McCain, either...

But for Hillary - 1) there are no tears in politics! 2) The delegate fiasco in Michigan and Flordia. 3) Sticking will Bill despite his infidelities. 4)Whitewater.

Obama - 1) I'm not too fond of the religious people he hangs around with. 2) He lied. First he said he'd never heard Wright say those inflammatory things, two days later, he says, "Of course I heard them." Then there's the Rezko deal which seems a bit dishonest....etc.

McCain - no one's really paying any attention to him! But he is too old. His choice of running mate is key.

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