Thursday, March 20, 2008

By their jokes you shall know them

I listen to Rush Limbaugh. I agree with some of what he says, disagree with some of what he says, and of him personally, I think he's a jerk.

So, today, I'm listening, and he says, "Do we have our Greek interpreter ready?" and then he plays an excerpt from Ms Huffington (getting in that disdain on the word Ms. of course) Ariana Huffington, the

"former right-winger who has evolved into a compassionate and progressive populist". She is the founder of The Huffington Post, a left-wing online news and commentary website and aggregated blog. Her latest book is On Becoming Fearless.... in Love, Work, and Life.

(from Wikipedia)

So she speaks, and although her voice is accented, she was perfectly understandable. And then he comes back and says that her voice reminds him of "the woman from Green Acres" and they should play a bit of that music each time they reference her on the program.

Now... I listen to Limbaugh but I admit I don't listen to him all the time. Does he ever insult the accents of men who criticize him (if there are any accented-men who do so?)? Or does he just accept that they're men, and answer their comments.

Limbaugh of course makes other jokes demeaning to women. He's got his "mistresses" around the country (he wishes), everytime he talks about Hillary Clinton his contempt is as much because she's a woman as because of anything else. Anytime he talks about a female reporter or spokesperson, she is always referred to as a "babe."

Indeed, at 2:35 pm today he just referred to the Tennessee governor's spokesperson as a "spokesbabe." And of course a few weeks ago he referred to the governor of Alaska as a "babe." Although in her case it was just because she was beautiful...he didn't think he was insulting her by saying, "Her being a babe is just the icing on the top."

Yes...I sent him an email pointing out that I didn't like the fact that he demeaned women every single damn time by referring to women like that...but of course that's how he really thinks about women...they are there just for eye candy, and that's it.

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