Monday, March 17, 2008

Video/Song: Jeremiah was my pastor

My, people are quick off the mark at YouTube. I'm pretty sure Limbaugh debuted that song today, and it's already at YouTube, albeit only in song form with lyrics on screen.

As an aside... Barack Obama has denounced what Jeremiah Wright has said about 9-11, etc., BUT, at least one black, and one white commentator has pointed out that a lot of blacks (and whites) do believe the charges Wright makes in his sermons. that Barack is rejecting what Wright has said... will those particular people see him as a hypocrite who isn't willing to say the same things on a national stage that Wright said at his pulpit?

In addition - and this is far more troubling - Barack is saying that his pastor - and mentor - for 20 years - never said any of that type of stuff in his hearing. Yet Jeremiah Wright himself, in interviews, has said that Barack has said, "You're sermons can get kind of rough, so I may have to ask you to stand aside a little later on."

That sounds pretty hypocritical to me. Again, if you believe what the pastor is saying - stand up and say it on the national stage! Get it all out in the air!

Al Sharpton apparently once said that Barack Obama was not "black enough." I wonder what those who agreed with Sharpton, think of Barack now.

Let us hope that Barack Obama merely paves the way...and that Colin Powell is the next black to run for presidency. He's a proven quantity.... he'd deserve the position!

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