Thursday, April 2, 2009

While Michelle Touches, Obama Bows

(View the video to see it as it happened).

All the news is about Michelle Obama. Some are saying that she broke protocol by touching the Queen. Just saw another article that spun it thusly "Michelle Charms Queen into Breaking Protocol."

Yeah, right.

But, while Michelle and her designer dresses are being thoroughly covered, the fact that President Obama actually bowed down to the King of Saudi Arabia is not even mentioned. I think it's safe to assume that Obama isn't going to be giving this King 50 DVDs either. (I don't know if a Japanese diplomat bows when he meets people, after all, bowing is part of Japanese culture. But it is not a part of American culture...but perhaps its a part of Islamic culture? Hmmm?)

Interestingly, I've never heard anyone criticize the oil sheiks. Everyone in their country lives in poverty except the oil sheiks who have gazillions of cars, gazillions of wives and gazillions of children... and yet it's American businessmen that are being stigmatized, or "American oil companies" and so on.

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