Monday, April 27, 2009

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs needs a teleprompter

As he doesn't think very fast on his feet.

FYI, don't suggest this or that, say, "I was not briefed on that, I will find out and get back to you." Do NOT say, "Contact the White House" when YOU are the White House, for the purposes of that meeting!

I would think that the Air Force would be to blame. Apparently they told the NY Police Department about the planned flyover, but then told *them* not to tell anyone about it because it was top secret! How stupid is that?

Meantime, in a year when Obama is whining about carbon footprints, meanwhile flying in his own pizza chef to make dinner for him and a few friends, Obama keeps flying places to give speeches that could just as easily be televised from the WHite House. Sure, all things being equal its better if Obama is delivering his speeches in person, but things aren't equal, are they? Obama believes in Global Warming, therefore shouldn't he be acting in a more responsible manner, as he expects the citizens of the US to do???

HOw much did it cost for that photo op, for getting the planes ready, etc., and their carbon footprint, and what was the bloody point? It's the POTUS's plane, not him! Nobody cares about that!

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