Thursday, April 2, 2009

Michelle Obama touched the Queen of England!!!

I'm about to tune in to Rush Limbaugh to see if he's going to make a big deal out of it.

It isn't. The Queen of England touched Michelle Obama on the back when she was showing her something, Michelle merely returned the favor. After all, if someone touches you - in a non-sexual manner, they are implicitly givng you permission to touch them back. It was two women, one very old, not two men, for goodness sake.

But yes, apparently protocol says the Queen can touch you, but you must never, ever touch her, and Michelle Obama broke the rule. Frankly, considering that the world is on the edge of the abyss, it's a non-story. I'd like to see how untouched the Queen would be if she tried to walk amongst the mom rioting in front of the bank of Scotland. They'd do a lot more than touch her on the back.

In reading the articles around the world, I really do despair for the country. Capitalism is over, socialism is coming to the forefront... wealthy people will soon be attacked by the poor and stripped of all their belongings.

It's happening in Mexico even now. At least 5 people a day, probably more, are being kidnapped and demands sent to their "wealthy" relatives in the US.

Then there's the case of 9 absolute wastes of space who have visited an Emergency Romm in Texas practically every day for the last five years... well, I'm paraphrasing..... but an emergency room visit averages a cost of $1,000 per visit, so these 9 people, drug addicts, have gotten millions of dollars of free health care. Gee...I wonder if the AIG execs get free health care, or if they use some of their money to actually buy their health insurance?

But, of course, if you suggest that those 9 people be euthanized, there's be such an uproar. But, why not? They contribute nothing, they will never contribute anything....they are just a waste of space and always will be.

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