Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Case of Do As I Say, Not As I Do

This past weekend, Air Power Over Hampton Roads had a ton of airplanes using up a ton of fuel, to entertain thousands of individuals for free. It was a great show, and great photo ops were had.

Then we get the President's photo op. President Obama, the guy who is saying that Cap and Trade is great, and that we all need to inflate the tires in our cars (that's true, by the way, we should. Visual looks of tires don't give good info.), that gas is okay at $4 a gallon and will hopefully go higher so people will stop driving so much...

And yet when the time comes for a photo opportunity, and an opportunity to scare New Yorkers silly, Obama's minions lose no time doing it.

Supposedly the New York police department was told, but they couldn't tell anyone because it was a secret??? If the president wans't on board that plane, why did it need to be a secret?

What was even the point of it? Photo ops consists of presidents getting out of planes to shake the hands of soldiers or other individuals for a job well done. A Presidential Plane flying next to the Statue of Liberty - something that can't happen anymore anyway - ridiculous!

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