Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Private property rights in USA eroding quickly

So now we get this story, which is utterly obscene.

Valley couple can't kick stranger out

SPOKANE -- A stranger moves into the backyard of an elderly Spokane couple's property and now they can't get that woman to leave.

The woman has been living in their garage for almost a month but even so police say she isn't trespassing because police say the property owner's son invited the woman to live in that garage.

Since when should that even matter? The son doesn't own that property, this elderly couple does! The fact that they don't have the right to evict a squatter is beyond obscene.

It all started when Don allowed his stepson to move into the garage three months ago.

"He moved different people in, he had as high as eight people in here at different times and we told him no you stay there and no one else," Bain said.

When Don asked for the guests, including the woman to move out there was a confrontation and his stepson was arrested and taken to jail. The woman and another man stayed without a lease and not a dime paid for rent.

"She don't even pay the light bill," Bain said.

Don called police, hoping they'd be forced to leave, but police say the woman isn't trespassing.

"First of all we understand this is a frustrating situation for the Bains, but she was allowed to live in this facility," Lt. Stephen Jones with the Spokane Valley Police Department said.

Police say it doesn't take much to establish residency...

"There's no cut and dry test for this other than she's been living there for a period of time, her belongings are there and the current resident invited her in and allowed her to live there," Lt. Jones said.

Um, Lt. Jones... the current resident is in jail, and he didn't own the place he was living in, either!

This is just ridiculous, but no more ridiculous than having to allow homeless people to take up space in public libraries and so on.

Round up the homeless and send them to Madagascar or somewhere where they can make their own living off the land, and take them off the public purse. Any immigrants who are homeless - assuming they're illegals - send them back where they came from.

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