Friday, May 30, 2008

Women should not be treated like children

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh again today. A man called in - sounded like someone in his 50s - who said that he had told his wife that he wanted the steaks that Rush Limbaugh advertised on his show - and his wife wasn't going to get them for him. Now at this point I turned the sound down, but they were still talking about it five minutes later when I turned the sound back up again, but this time they were talking about women in general.

"The wife is always right" was one of the cliches they threw out, and "A man is either hen-pecked or lying."

And this brought to mind an episode of Frasier I saw a couple of days ago - an episode that had aired in 1992 or so, about a psychiatrist who is now divorced, who also came up with the phrase, "No matter who is right in the argument, the husband is always wrong and the woman is always right."

Then there was an episode of Home Improvement, which was also probably aired in the early 1990s, where Jill the wife is talking to Wilson the all-knowing next door neighor, and Wilson said, "Every man marries a woman hoping she'll never change, and every woman marries a man hoping he will."

And I'm thinking to myself... let's say all this is true... why is it true?

Because girls are treated like children when they are children...and they are treated like children when they are teenagers, and they are treated like children when they're all grown up.

No - the wife is not always right, and the husband - or boyfriend - should not give in to what she says just because she nags him and nags him and won't shut up until he does what she wants.

But the wife should not be a "surrendered wife" either - one who doesn't point out when her hubby makes a mistake because that will ruin his ego...

The idea is that men and women are equal partners in any relationship, and this should be when they're girls and boys as well.

The idea is also that people get to know each other before they make the committment of marriage...or living together, whatever.

Guys, if your girlfriend keeps nagging you - dump her!
Ladies, if you guy wont' do anything for you without you nagging him about it incessantly, dump him!

And since nagging and procrastination are not gender specific - the same holds true if your guy nags you to change when you dont' want to, or if your girl won't do what you ask her to do - spending money or cleaning wise, etc.

Okay, rant over for today.

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