Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We need to banish the "R" word

I'm talking about the word "Racist."

That's all we hear these days as an excuse for everything.

Barack Obama doesn't get the Presidential nomination? It's not because a lot of people have fears about his pastor that he listened to for 20 years, the knowledge that in his year in the Senate the only bills he got passed were ones that other people had done all the work on, that he's friends with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, that he thinks there are 57 states in the Union, etc. etc. No - if he loses, it's because America is racist.

(ON a side note. According to Rush Limbaugh, if Hilary Clinton doesn't win, it proves feminism is dead. He makes the same kind of sweeping statement. Not at all, Rush. It means that women are too smart to vote for a woman who climbed to her position on the backs of her husband and Whitewater, et al.)

Just saw the news - didn't bother to turn the sound on - about people in Texas, I believe - protesting with signs saying "Stop racist vigilantes." This isn't about racists going around stringing up blacks, like used to happen back in the 60s, this is about people on the border with Mexico trying to stop ILLEGAL aliens from entering this country.

But as soon as someone screams "racist" - that's it. Fight over. You can no longer fight on the issues - that illegals are, ya know, illegal, and don't deserve the rights of citizens, not the least of which is getting paid welfare, getting a drivers license, etc. - you've got to defend yourself against the charge of racism.

There again you've got Barack Obama, talking about his grandmother as a "typical white person." If that's not a racist statement I've never heard one. But because it was said by a black man... apparently it's not racist?

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