Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sean Hannity is a hypocrite!

I was listening to Sean Hannity today, and he was making great play of the fact that there are rumors rife on the web and in news columns that he has a tape of Michelle Obama which will "blow the lid off" the Obama campaign.

But he's not going to confirm it one way or the other. "Let's keep it a mystery," to paraphrase.

Oh, please. If he possessed any such tape, he would not be keeping it a secret.

By delaying its release, if there is such a tape, he would run the risk of a "that's it?" reaction. "here we thought it was something terrible, and its this?"

Let's not forget that after everything that Obama has done in the last few months, the gaffes, the "typical white person" comment about his grandmother, Reverend Wright, etc, he still took the 98% white state Oregon just a few days ago with ease.

What could Michelle Obama possibly say now that would make Obama followers not want to vote for him?

But it's more than this. If Hannity had such a tape, he would air it because it's news. Because he wouldn't want to get scooped by the "drive-bys". Because he knows that time is running out and that if it took the drivebys a year to catch on to the Reverend Wright story, it'll take them another year to latch onto this tape - when it will be too late.

So by pretending that he "may" or "may not" have such a tape, Hannity is doing his listeners a disservice, he's doing Hilary Clinton a disservice, and he's doing the American people a disservice.

He's lying by omission.

Man up, Hannity. If you've got a damaging tape - play it now. If you don't, stop trying to boost ratings by being coy.

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