Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rush Limbaugh Just Doesn't Get It

I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show today...(May 29, 2008)...and he really torqued me off today.

As I've said on a couple of occasions here, I agree with some of what he says (secure borders, not giving amnesty to illegal aliens, reward excellence and don't reward mediocrity) and disagree with other stuff (global warming, no right to marriage for gays, don't pull the plug on people who are mental vegetables i.e. Terry Schiavo, God is just and merciful, ya da ya da.)

But as a person, I gotta tell you, I really dislike the man, for a simple reason. He's a male chauvanist pig. His beliefs on the inferiority of women pervade his show.

For example, whenever he refers to a female news reporter, he always - always - calls her a news "babe" or a sports "babe" - or some kind of "babe." If that's not demeaning to these women who work very hard at their craft - regardless of whether they are Democrat or Republic in their beliefs - I don't know what is.

Today, he referred to some woman as a "sexetary" - this woman is not a secretary to a businessman but the secretary of some kind of political group, in the "Secretary of State" type of usage... and this creep has the gall to call her a sexetary.

In previous shows he has made fun of the accent of Arianna Huffington, saying she sounds like a Bond girl...made fun of the fact that she comes from Greece...

And a few weeks ago he referred to the Governor of Alaska - the Governor of Alaska, as a "dish" or a "hot babe." Okay, I can't remember the exact phrase he used, but it was something along those lines. "Yeah, she's a good governor but her looks are the icing on the cake," to paraphrase.

Now, it's true that the average man - from boy to teen to man - obsesses over women's looks and when he's with his buddies that's the type of stuff they talk about it [And do not fool yourself, gents, ladies do the same thing with guys.]
... but when you're on national radio you do not refer to women in that diminishing way. Because that's what he's doing - he's diminishing these women in the ears - and thus the hearts and minds - of his listeners.
He will say, perhaps, that he doesnt' really think women are inferior, he just says that stuff jokingly. But when you do those types of references every single know that's what he really thinks.

Sure, he talks demeaningly about individual men, referring to the Breck Girl, Dingy Harry, etc, but when he talks demeaningly about a single woman, he always gets in shots about the entire sex.

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