Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hannity Confesses that He Lied

What did I say a few days ago, hmmm?

I said that Sean Hannity had no tape of Michelle Obama saying something stupid that would cost her husband the election, and that he was a hypocritical weasel for saying on his program, "I know that I've always promised to be upfront and honest with you, my audience, and I am going to be upfront and honest, and say that I'm not going to say if I have such a tape.

Well, it's 3.17 pm on Tuesday, June 2, 2008, and after 5 minutes of building up his big story that the rumors had been growing that he, Sean Hannity, had a tape that would break Obama's campaign, he says, "I've always promisted that I'll be upfront and honest with you, my audience, and so I'm going to tell you that no, I don't have such a tape nor have I ever heard such a tape. And I had to tell you that, so please stop calling and emailing."

And I've got to confess that Hannity's credibility should now sink into the toilet. He never had such a tape, and if it had been a tape about one of the Republicans, Hannity would have been the first to scream that whoever was holding the tape (if the rumor had been that a Democrat had it) should release it immediately.)

But he spins it out and spins it out, and now today he confesses he has no such tape, and I gotta tell you - he has just made himself look really stupid.

But, just as Obama supporters won't abandon Obama despite his frequent gaffes, ditto Clinton supporters, ditto the supporters of probably every politician...despite Hannity's revelation today that his entire "Obama tape" was a hoax and that he IN NO WAY was honest and upfront with his audience.

He's trying to pass it off as a joke...the joke's on him.

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