Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who is Running Alaska While Sarah Palin Is Campaigning?

That's one of the headlines at YahooNews today. I'm not even gonna bother to read the article, but the intent to smear is obvious.

I'm thinking someone called the Lieutenant Governor might possibly be doing it... and perhaps getting phone calls from Palin from time to time, or even participating in that technological marvel called a conference call...

*I'm* wondering...who runs the states when the various Senators go off on *their* campaigning. In particular ones like Obama and Clinton who have been in their seats for one term, or less than one term, and yet have no compunction but to go gallivanting off to try for the Presidency.

Another interesting news article yesterday based on polling information.
Most Americans Still Say Home-Buying Is Best Investment

and note the categorical statements about all Americans in the article.

1) Two-thirds of Americans (66%) think buying a home is the best investment most families can make, despite the recent meltdown of the U.S. housing market. Just 19% disagree.

2) Forty-four percent (44%) also say it's a good idea for most Americans to invest in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Thirty-one percent (31%) don't think it's a good idea, and 24% are undecided (see crosstabs).

3) Just 18% expect the stock market to go up between now and Election Day in early November. Thirty-four percent (34%) think it will go down, and a similar number (32%) expect it to remain about the same

The entire article eis like this. 44% of Americans, 34% of Americans, etc.

And then, at the very bottom of the page, it tells you exactly home many of the 300 MILLION inhabitants of the US took part in this survey. 1,000 people.

1,000 peope, that's it. And from 1,000 people they can extrapolate that 2/3rds of Americans think that buying a home is still a good idea?

This was a phone survey. And as I have stated time and time again when I rant about polls, who answers phone these days? Not a very high percentage of people...not a representative percentage of people.

And I don't care how representative they are, you can not gauge what 300 MILLION people will do in answer to a complex question, based on what 1,000 people will do.

Did they talk to blacks? Latinos? Hispanics? Illegal immigrants (who are allowed to vote in various Democratic states, coff, coff).

For the last week or so the news, based on a poll, that Obama is going to have a hard time winning because of the racism of white Democrats, has been making the rounds. And I have yet to see any of the people who comment sorrowfully on this shameful state of affairs, point out that it's based on poll data of just 2,227 people!

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