Sunday, September 14, 2008

And now it's Texas...

I've been reading some of the stories talking about Hurricane Ike and what it did to Tezas. All the stories mention that despite a mandatory evacuation order, over 140,000 people remained in the region...and now of course they all have to be rescued from their flooded houses.

Each person they've interviewed so far (that's only a handful though), has said essentially the same thing. "I didn't think it would be this bad."

Well, the people who remained are stupid, for the most part, and they should just be left where they are. After all, that's where they wanted to be.

Okay, that sounds a little unsympathetic, and in one way that's not fair because I'm sure one reason quite a few people stayed in their homes was because of the fear that the instant they left, looters would descend in droves and make off with their stuff. And ya know, I'm sure that happened in places. Humans don't pass up a chance to get free stuff.

And since it's Sunday, I'm sure every church across the country has got priests saying, "Let's pray for the victims of Hurricane Ike." And the stupidity of that just boggles the mind. I bet Texas is a home of fundamentalists...weren't they praying and praying that the hurricane wouldn't hurt them.... (and, if you incline that way, I suppose you can be thanking your god right now that the hurricane actually wasn't as bad as forecasters had feared... 11 foot high water instead of 25 foot high water... quite kind of God to not send the full whack, wasn't it? Those prayers must have gotten through!)

Sharon Stone famously said a few months ago that the earthquake that happened in China was "karma"... I wonder what she thinks of the hurricane that hit Texas...what had Texas done to deserve it, but to open their arms to Katrina victims a few years ago?

One hopes that the cleanup and reconstruction of Houston and Galveston will go faster and more efficiently than that of New Orleans, and one also hopes that the thousands of non-Houston residents who are pouring there now in hopes of scamming off some free welfare will be deported out to the middle of the ocean or something...

But since people and governments never, ever learn from their mistakes, I think we're going to see the same incompetence and idiocies as before.

But, a shout out to the rescue services who are putting their lives on the line every minute of the day to rescue victims of Hurricane Ike. May they all return home safe...and may the idiots who stayed behind, also be safe.

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