Friday, September 12, 2008

God helps those that help themselves

I'm not a religous person... and I don't understand how anybody can be.... but if you are a religious person... that still doesn't explain why you wouldn't evacuate your Galveston or Houston home in the face of Hurricane Ike.

Some bright guy, 75 years old,explained why he was staying in his home. "God will look after me."

Well, gee. Where's God each time some innocent soul is killed in a drive-by shooting? Or in a crane collapse. Where was God when all those people died during the New Orleans disaster? Where was God when that commuter and passenger train collided in California and over 10 people died?

I think God's a little too busy watching people starve to death in the Sudan or Somalia or wherever the heck it is.... or to busy watching the genocide in the pay attention to one little old man who decides to remain in his house despite the fact that a hurricane is heading straight for him.

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