Saturday, September 12, 2009

Boycott Newsweek for its cover: Is Your Baby Racist?

I am reminded of a court case from a few years ago. A white couple wanted to adopt a black baby, but I think it was the ACLU or maybe ACORN that filed a lawsuit to prevent it. "Black children should be raised by black parents. They want to look up at their parents and see people who look just like them." I paraphrase, but that's the gist.

Now we get this piece of garbage:

Newsweek could have had a baby from each race, with that question, but no, only white people can be racist, eh?

And its offensive of course just as the bible is offensive in saying that babies are born sinners. Yeah, right.

Kids become familiar with their parents, and some react badly to strangers or to those who look different. Regardless of their race. Period, end of story. (After all, I suppose a baby can look at its arms, and see they're white or brown or black, and expect to see that same coloring in their caregivers, eh?)

I am so sick of "racism". It should be the "R-word" just like the "N-word." It is trotted out to end all discusson. Accuse someone of being a racist, and discussion over. They now must spend the rest of their lives defending themselves from that charge. If they're white, of course. If they're any other color...they get a free pass.

(As for example Shaquille O'Neal and his "mocking" of Yao Ming. Not that I thought that was anything for the Asian community to get in a fuss about, neverthless, it was water off a duck's back. Shaquille's black, he can't be racist.

Geoffrey Holder did indeed speak the truth when he said America was "afraid" to talk about racism. If only because whites aren't allowed to talk about the racism of others, the hate crimes of others. Didn't Professor Gates own mother "hate white people." Isn't that racist?

Racism afflicts every race. Otherwise, there wouldn't be genocidal warfare in the Sudan, in Kenya, in Somalia, etc. etc. and etc.


Stock Picker said...
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Caroline Miniscule said...

If I could figure out how to delete Stock Picker's comment, I would. That's racist too. Well, we'll see if I can't get rid of it somehow.