Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here's the video of Lebron getting dunked on

It's not really worth watching - it is *impossible* to tell who the players are, let alone who is dunking on who.

I'm not sure if this is *the* confiscated tape, or just a similar tape that someone else made, but the camera is way at the other end of the court, and if you didnt know who the two players were, you wouldn't recognize them. And even if you *do* know who they are, you still wouldn't recognize them - the video is that poor.

Do you all remember the story? LeBron was at a basketball camp, and some kid headed for college dunked on him. No big deal, you'd think, except LeBron approached a Nike representative, who then approached the cameraman and confiscated the tape. Conclusion - LeBron didn't want a tape to leak out showing that he'd been dunked on by a mere college-bound kid.

No fear of that. You can't even see it.

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