Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2008: Obama called a reporter "Sweetie"

The reporter shouted out a question as Obama walked by. Yeah, perhaps it was kind of rude...wait until you get into the press room... although this is how reporters get answers, by shouting out in hallways.

Obama's response was male chauvanistic in the extreme. Sweetie? How condescending. How dismissive. Would he have responded to a male reporter in the same way, if a male reporter had done the same thing? Well...he couldn't have, I suppose, as that would have raised eyebrows about his sexuality.... Sure, be dismissive of her as a rude reporter, if you like. (How about a, "Wait your turn, please.") But to call her sweetie???

I wonder if he calls his wife that? I'm sure he says to his daughters - that's the term for daughters or wives, not professional women trying to do their job.

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