Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What in the world???

I've just turned on Nick - presumably Nickelodian.

The show is a cartoon version of that movie of a few years ago...Barnyard.

So, of course all the animals are walking on their hind legs. Fine.

The male cow, the main character, has udders, just as in the movie. But, ya know, male cows do not have udders! Indeed, it's only the female cattle that are called cows. Male cattle are bulls.

Bulls do not have udders.

Now, the plot of this particular episode, which I came in when it was almost over, was that some cow thought that the main character, a bull (with udders) was her son. So she wants to get married so he'll have a father. But no bulls will marry her, so she chooses a rat. And the bull character, albeit in a fantasy sequence, sees himself having a half-bull half rat sister. Thereby implying that that big ol' cow is going to have sex with that lil bitty rat...and that different animal species must have sex with each other all the time.


Almost as disgusting as what happens in real life, whcih is that guys go around raping cattle and sheep all the time. I don't think it's possible for a woman to get it on with an animal, although legend has it Catherine the Great tried to do so but I seriously doubt it! Anyway, it's obscene. And it should be illegal.

Then again, the next show on Nickelodeon - that's a kid's channel, ya know - was just as obscene. Another one of those children's programs where the girls lust after the boys and are willing to do anything to get a boyfriend, and the boys lust after the girls and eye tehm as sex candy, etc. etc. etc.

No wonder the US is going into the toilet.

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