Friday, May 1, 2009

Only A Mother

This is the saddest thing I have ever seen in my life.

A pregnant woman had a check of her unborn child done, and it turned out it had encephaly. It did not have a brain. Doctors recommended that she abort the child. She didn't. She gave birth to it.

This was not a child with Down's syndrome, who could lead a happy, productive life once born. This was a child who did not have a brain, period.

So, she gave birth. The child has no brain. It cannot see. It cannot think. It will never be able to do anything except lie on its back and be cared for by the mother. Fed with a spoon. Changed every day, for all her life.

It is just obscene that God would allow such a thing to even happen to a baby. It is just obscene that someone who believed in God would give birth to this poor little thing, rather than euthenize it.

If you read the blog, the woman is clearly extremely religious. At one point apparently she allowed Comments to be made on her blog, and people were reacting to her selfishness with disbelief. Of course, this made no impact. Those people are just "agents of Satan". But that's okay, she forgives us.

I cannot forgive her, however. Her baby It's a vegetable. And yet she clearly believes God has sent this brainless baby to her as a gift.

How a religious person could believe that God is loving and kind after being visited with this type of child... a child with no brain. She's feeling all noble and brave because she's taking care of this brain-less child....that's the thing, of course. She's feeling noble and brave. Everyone should be impressed with her because of what she must be going through.

Bull-pucky. If she had had an accident and was now in a wheelchair or an iron lung or what have you, and bravely decided that she would not let that handicap stop her, because she still had a brain, and could communicate and create and live, that's one thing. But her child... has.... no.... brain.

I don't know how much clearer to put it. There is no quality of life there. If it itches, it can't tell it's mother where. If it has a pain driving it crazy, it can't tell its mother where. Toothace? You'll just have to suffer, kid. Want to watch TV? Oh, sorry, you're blind. Well,at least you can listen to it.. oops, sorry, you're deaf. Well, at least the plot can be signed into the palm of your hand, the way deaf-blind people communicate with each other. Nope, can't even do that... the baby has... no.... brain.

It is just obscene.

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